Mia Amadio SPLICED iMovie.MOV

The Ocean Echoes

Mia Amadio, Age 9

Holy Cross, Helensburgh

COVID-19: Nowhere to Go

Zara Clegg, Age 11

St Mary's Star of the Sea, Milton


Zara Clegg PODCAST

Copy of Spliced2020_CooperClare_StClares.mp4

Our Place in Space

Cooper Clare, Age 11

St Clare's, Narellan Vale

Artist’s Note:

In my artwork I have painted four connections to the main theme of the physical universe beyond the earth's atmosphere . These four connections are: careers, improving technology, transportation and knowledge. I have represented these in different ways:

  1. I represented the connection of careers by painting a scientist looking through a telescope.

  2. I showcased improving technology by painting an engineer fixing and improving the Mars Rover.

  3. I characterised transportation by painting a spaceship traveling to Mars.

  4. I illustrated knowledge by including a UFO hovering above the Earth, representing how we still have a lot to know about this universe.

My goal for this painting was to capture how we connect to the universe and to explore our place in space.

The Arts

Ruben Aguliera, Age 11

St Joseph's Bulli

Natural Disaster - Maximus Owen 10 Years

Natural Disasters

Maximus Owen, Age 10

St Pius X, Unanderra

Joseph Faulkner- Holy Cross Helensburgh, Age 9, SPLICED2020

Holy Burghers

Joseph Faulkner, Age 9

Holy Cross, Helensburgh

Poisons and Venoms - Simple Mindmap.pdf
Poisonous and Venomous Animals .mp4
Poisons and Venoms SPLICED.pptx

Viruses &

How They Impact Us

Mason Reeves, Age 11

St Justin's Oran Park

Copy of William Walsh Artist Statement Final.pdf

The Attempts to Bring It Down

William Walsh, Age 11

St Clare's Narellan Vale

William Walsh St Clare's Final.MOV

William Walsh, Age 11

The Attempts to Bring it Down

The Voyage to a Deeper, Truer and Richer Perspective

Laila Tripodi, Age 11

St Clare's Narellan Vale

Technology: How it all Works

Declan McManus, Age 11

St Clare's Narellan Vale